Hello, I’m Millie and thank you for visiting.

For as long as I can remember I have always held a fascination with writing, wordplay and the digital arts, and this has come together on this website.  This site is a loose fitting collection of prose, scribbles and projection which documents some of the many things that make the Milliebeanz whole.

I’m a consummate writer in all forms, from blogging about the things that catch my eye all the way to the writing of short stories, poetry and even theatre pieces.  Currently I’m running a regular fortnightly young writers group for a library in Corby, Northants.

Visually I’m a keen amateur photographer who has recently had her idea of imagry further expanded by an introduction into live visuals and VJing.  I have performed at a number of events throughout the UK and Europe in both clubs as well as festivals.

Working alongside my partner, we are establishing our educational business ‘Essentially Education’ in which we not only introduce and teach to young persons how to integrate live performance, visuals and projection mapping to the next generation of VJ’s but also encourage and share my own personal love of writing.  These sessions are tailored to the time available and can be single session drop in workshops or a complete ten to twelve week course.  Both of us have recently completed the Arts Award advisor training and in due course will be offering the first accredited Arts Award VJ workshops in the UK.



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